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Planzer Labels

The BedayaConnect delivery manager for bexio is designed to simplify your delivery processes. It has the following functionality:
Create Planzer labels
Create a CSV for uploading to the Swiss Post website

You can find the delivery manager in BedayaConnect under bexio Tools

Menu bexio Tools

Set up the Planzer connection

open BedayaConnect ( and log in with your bexio account (green button).

click on the Service accounts menu. Then enter your Planzer API access and your address in the Planzer area.

Planzer Account Settings

open the delivery manager and activate the subscription. After activation, you can test the functionality for 14 days free of charge and cancel the subscription at any time.

Delivery Manager 1

create a Planzer label for a delivery
Select the delivery for which you want to create a Planzer label (1)
Click on the Planzer icon (2)
The label is created and downloaded automatically

Create Planzer Label

to be able to print Planzer labels directly from bexio, you must install the BedayaConnect Chrome Extension.

open the Chrome Store and install the extension: Link to the store

click on the extension icon in Chrome and click log in. BedayaConnect opens. If you are not logged in, log in with your bexio account (green button). Click on the extension again. Instead of the login button, you should now see your e-mail address. You can then close the BedayaConnect window.

open a delivery bill in bexio. The Planzer icon appears at the top right. Click on this icon to start the creation of the Planzer label.

check the address in the window that appears. If ok, select the number of labels and press "Print labels". The label is created and downloaded

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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