FAQ - Name error

In bexio a company must have a name and a person must have a last name so that the contact can be saved.
In case of error, for example, last name can be additionally specified by the customer. Or only one email address was used, the name appears twice and is not unique for example; in the message : " Details: More than one person found to update (This error occurred in the integration for company "BEDAYA GMBH") You find more information about this error on https://help.bedaya.ch".

This means:
The contact is not unique, it can be that the email address is assigned to several contacts etc.
-> The best is to clean up the contact in bexio and start the process again in BedayaConnect.

If you want another option please contact our support;

Falls die Änderung nicht in bexio übertragen wurden, dann geht bitte ins BedayaConnect / Aktionen und dann die Rechnung ( nach Namen suchen) Manuel importieren.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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